The Magical Zoo #2

This is the second installment in The Magical Zoo series by Dan Jackson. In the first story, we met our protagonist, Sally, a twelve year-old girl who loves the library and reading as much as her cat, Milkshake. We got to see that as soon as Sally read from this magical book, many zoo animals popped out and their zookeeper, John, wasn’t far behind.

This time around we get to see Sally and John in action trying to find and return Tibby the tiger. Tibby’s very fast and very scared so he ends up outside in a tree. How can Sally, Milkshake and John the zookeeper get this big cat down from the tree? Read it for yourself to find out.

Parents, teachers and young readers will enjoy reading this series to kids. The animals are described and even a small fact is given about them. The descriptions in this book paint a vivid picture of the scene and the characters that match up perfectly to the illustrations.

The books don’t contain any difficult or large words making it a perfect and easy chapter book for kids when you get the whole series!

Disclosure: I received this book for free for review purposes. I would never recommend anything that my family or I have never used or believe in.


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